Ada's Adventures in Science

21 February 2018

We recently got the news that a project we are very excited about, “Ada’s Adventures in Science” successfully raised more than seven and a half thousand pounds through a crowdfunding campaign!

The Adventures of Ada follow a girl who isn’t afraid to ask questions about the world around her, told through three comic books. Ada dreams of doing exciting science and making discoveries like her science heroes, while riding the school bus and playing with her friends before she finally achieves her dream of becoming a professional scientist and taking part in a big discovery.

These books are all about inclusivity. As well as exciting kids about science, another major goal of the comic books are to empower the readers. The science and artist who created them believe that anyone can do science, regardless of where you are from, who you are and what your gender, ethnicity or background is.

As an educational tool, comic books provide an amazing opportunity for introducing complex concepts by linking images, words and sequence into an immediate scaffold to understanding. Although the primary audience for these comic books is schools students, they have a wide appeal to a general audience, including adults.

The IOP Wales committee generously contributed to the campaign and have enabled a Welsh translation of the comic book to be produced. This will be freely available online as a pdf as well as several physical copies making their way across Wales.

With all of the funds raised, more than 12,000 copies of the comic books will be sent out (in English) and translations will be made into Spanish and German (as well as Welsh). Two new educational activities will be produced to complement the use of the comics in classrooms and an e-reader version of Ada’s Adventures in Science will be produced.

See details of the Crowdfunder

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