IOP president gives guest lecture at teachers’ conference in Bangor

26 July 2016

Teachers from Wales who went to an IOP conference in Bangor “for all who teach physics” said they were delighted with the day and gave special praise to a guest lecture by the IOP’s president, Professor Roy Sambles.

IOP president gives guest lecture at teachers’ conference in Bangor

Sambles, who is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Exeter, spoke on “Wave–particle duality and the frightening consequences”, incorporating some demonstrations that could be used in the classroom. Many teachers came away inspired with ideas to use in their teaching, and left comments such as “amazing”, “brilliant” and “I would have liked it to have gone on for longer”. One said: “Amazing, one of the best lectures I’ve had.”

The free one-day conference at Bangor University was organised by the IOP Teacher Network and included workshops on the new GCSE Science and GCE Physics qualifications by Helen Francis, “Meteorites – a numeracy in science project” by Anthony Clowser, and “Make and take: 3 LED hand-held strobe” by Frank Lane. There was also a “Technocamp” workshop in which teachers could create a new gadget using the BBC Microbit.

Professor Andy Newsam, director of the National Schools’ Observatory at Liverpool John Moores University, held a workshop on the range of telescopes available to UK schools, how to get observations through the National Schools’ Observatory and how to work with its data. Andrea Fesmer, IOP Teacher Network Co-ordinator for North Wales, chaired a plenary Q&A session, which was followed by a networking opportunity.

Those who came to the conference also left appreciative comments on the overall experience, including “informative, interesting and stimulating” and “enjoyable speakers and great chance to network with like-minded teachers”. Several of those who took part asked for the conference, which was held on 14 June, to be held in July next year so that more people could attend outside term-time and it has been announced that the conference in 2017 is planned to be on 4 July.

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