Cardiff Storytelling Event

15 February 2016

On a dark and stormy February night in the depths of Cardiff, 75 eager bodies crammed themselves into a cosy bar for an event which had been advertised only as "Something DIFFerent".

Something DIFFerent

As the first speaker, IOP Wales' David Cunnah, nervously approached the microphone, an eager silence descended. He explained to the audience that this was to be the first IOP Wales science storytelling event, an evening where scientists and storytellers joined forces to entertain, intrigue and engage.

After Dave warmed up the audience with a Tarantino-esque tale of an overfed seagull and an eager new IOP employee (ask him to share this with you in the pub sometime if you haven't heard it), Christine Watkins, storyteller and compère for the evening took over.

Christine led the audience through the event and introduced the storytellers as the night went on. Astronomer Johannes Kepler (Professor Mike Edmunds) let us sit in on his interview for a second wife, entertaining us with tales of his contemporaries. Science Communicator Becca Smithers told us about the history of nitrocellulose, ending with a small explosion in the hand of a young audience member. Dr Edward Gomez led the crowd on a journey through space with an original story from the point of view of Jack the Photon.

One hour after "Something DIFFerent" had started, Christine wrapped everything up with an old tale about Truth and Story. As the final applause faded and the audience began to break apart, the repeated question of "when is the next one" was heard throughout the venue.

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