Swansea annual school Christmas lectures a success

21 December 2015

On 7 and 8 December, IOP Wales joined Swansea University Department of Physics to deliver their annual schools Christmas lectures. School pupils from years 10, 11 and 12 filled the Taliesin Lecture Theatre on the Swansea University campus.

Swansea annual school Christmas lectures a success

The full-day events included presentations by Dr Yvette Hancock from the University of York and Professor Niels Madsen from Swansea University.

Dr Hancock discussed new technologies and small devices. She presented exciting future possibilities for nanomaterials and explained how tiny future technologies are designed on the quantum scale. Students were fascinated by this glimpse into a world where technologies may be as unlimited as their vast imaginations.

Then Professor Madsen went on to address the question of "Where is the Antimatter?". He discussed how it seems that half of the universe is missing, and how work done at the world's largest physics laboratory, Cern in Switzerland, can help us find out what happened. Pupils engaged with some visual demonstrations and challenged Professor Madsen with their questions at the end.

Overall it was a highly successful day, with the pupils being exposed to cutting-edge research and leaving with a positive impression.

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