The Science of Doctor Who

6 August 2015

On the evening of 31 July we held a one-off public talk at the National Museum of Wales Cardiff. The theme of the talk was “The Science of Doctor Who” and was presented by Edward Gomez (@zemogle) of Las Cumbres Observatory and Cardiff University.

The Science of Doctor Who

To keep the event light-hearted we invited attendees to dress up as Doctor Who characters. A local board game shop, Rules of Play (@rulescardiff) sponsored some prizes for the best outfit in the form of two copies of the Doctor Who card game.

We had some incredible fancy dress and a great crowd. Dr Edward Gomez had this to say about the talk: "Doctor Who was one of the things that inspired me to be a scientist. I loved the idea that you could solve any problem, and even help people, by using science. With this talk I really want people to believe they could also be scientists, just by thinking about their lives, surroundings, and the Universe in general, in a different way and asking questions."

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