IOP Conference for Teachers of Physics

23 June 2011

IOP Conference for Teachers of Physics

A teacher’s conference for all who teach physics
On Tuesday 21 June 2011 the 4th IOP Conference for Teachers of Physics took place at Bangor University. There were over 100 people attending with 47 Physics Teachers and 34 PGCE students.  

Dr Lyn Evans leader of the LHC at CERN for the last 15 years gave a presentation on 'Back to the Big Bang, the Large Hadron Collider'. Following the talk Professor Dame Athene Donald from Cambridge University spoke about 'The Interface between Biology and Physics.’ 

The participants then split into groups to do the workshops they’d selected. Some looked at the 'Physics of Computer Games' or 'How to get more girls into physics'.  

Other groups were involved with 'Energy' or 'GCSE assessment'. Some left with wind turbines, others with a 'Joule thief' and yet more with knowledge of using multimillion pound robotic telescopes! 

Feedback from the participants included:

“The speakers were amazing!”

“The lectures help remind me about why Physics is so interesting”

“Congratulations on a really useful day”


“Enjoyable, informative and stimulating.”


“Excellent resources for teaching”


“Stimulating range of activities on a range of topics”

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